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Generously Saying Goodbye to 2018

2018 came to a close with a full range of shared opportunities to live - and to give - generously.

Jordan's people gathered to once again provide vital support at the Whatcom Community Toy Store. Hundreds of impacted families were afforded the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts at this vibrant pop up store for their children - all at least 80% below cost. The rich inventory of toys was gathered through generous donation from all corners of the county. Any and all profits from the considerable sales were then donated back to a range of community serving not-for-profits. Rooted Generosity folks worked the store, gathered inventory, and provided food and entertainment for waiting shoppers.

Rooted Generosity provided a massive "pie breakfast" for hundreds of students at Vossbeck Elementary in Lynden. After a read aloud of the book at the school, the "pie breakfast" celebrated the countless ways the students sought to live generously during the school weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. Students were recognized for living out PIE principles - being (P)ositive, (I)ntentional, and (E)ncouraging. Each act was marked by the addition of a link to a colorful paper chain - which ended up exceeding goals by spanning the school's gymnasium multiple times.

In the days before Thanksgiving, a huge number of Jordan's people came together to once again stock and build Thanksgiving Feast Totes for Whatcom families in need. The gathering culminated in a tote building dinner and celebration, generously hosted by Casey at Happy Place in downtown Bellingham. The multiple totes were combined with totes from our friends at Grace in Lynden to serve over 150 families.

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