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Painting Generously

Thanks to Rooted Generosity Board Member, Mike Baldwin Smith, for the incredible idea of painting for a purpose. The August Rooted Generosity event, A Date and Paint night, was an amazing success. Hundreds of dollars were raised to fund countless pictures of possibility for future Jordan Slagle Boundary Bay scholars.

We gathered at Happy Chap Creative Co. in downtown Bellingham for an evening of fun philanthropy. Date and Paint provided interactive painting lessons and everyone left with their own masterpiece, a colorful version of the Rooted Generosity tree.

Every painting was a sight to behold, but the Happy Chap space was also filled with the sound of a lot of laughter. We are sure that Jordan could hear our laughter in heaven because we could hear his in the gallery.

Thanks to all who made this special time possible including;

Casey Burton of Happy Chap Creative Co.

Lorea and team from Date and Paint

Our new friends at Café Akroteri and the India Grill

Brian Skywalker of Boundary Bay Brewery

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