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Improv Offers Generous Possibilies has provided full sponsorship for the ongoing Be The One after-school Improv project at Lynden High School. This sixteen-week opportunity, led by Shelia Goldsmith, director of Improv Playworks in Bellingham, is empowering Lynden students with confidence, voice, and a positive creative outlet. Goldsmith shares that in improv we "create an atmosphere of trust, respect, safety and play in order to connect students more deeply with their creative possibilities." Studies have shown that participation in the arts, including improvisational workshops, raise academic achievement and student engagement.

Rooted Generosity is blessed to provide this new way for the fine LHS learners to connect with community leaders, mentors, and friends. We are midway through the sixteen week engagement.

Each week eighteen improv students are making

life-changing, strength-building, choices. As you can see from these pictures, the students are having loads of fun. Jordan would laugh.

We are especially grateful to Rooted Generosity core members, and Jordan's dear people, Ashley Proett and Nick Cetto, for their ongoing participation and mentorship. None of this would be possible without the vision of Nancy and Dennis McHarness of Partners for Schools, & extraordinary leadership by Sheila Goldsmith.

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