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Generosity for Gina

On Sunday, July 29, 2018, the Garden at Boundary Bay was a place of celebration when Boundary tribe and Rooted Generosity friends gathered to celebrate Gina Garding, the 2018 Jordan Slagle Boundary Bay Scholar.

Gina, much loved and multi-talented, lives generously. Gina's $3,000.00 scholarship will afford her the opportunity to complete her coursework toward becoming a very Special Educator.

Gina's beautiful heart, deep determination, and bountiful grit are gifts to all of her colleagues at Boundary and her co-workers at F.A.C.E.S, a tremendous camp for children with autism.

The Slagle family and Rooted Generosity thank the countless supporters- local business owners- who generously teamed to make the scholarship- and the celebratory brunch- possible.

Deep thanks to: - Janet , Ed, and everyone at Boundary Bay

-All who have donated to Rooted Generosity for this event-

-Great Harvest Bread Co.

-Carne/The Butcher Shop

-Community Food Co-Op

-Rocket Donuts

-Barbies Berries

-Boxx Berry Farms

-Cash & Carry


-Fred Meyers

-Safeway in Lynden

-Grocery Outlet Bargin Market

-Youngstocks Produce

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