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Family Activity Night @ Brigid Collins Family Support Center


Jordan's people are amazing.

Our January 2017 Rooted Generosity Opportunity was to provide and lead fun game and craft activities - along with serving up a great home-cooked meal - on the evening of the 19th as part of an engaging family activity night @ Brigid Collins.

Thank you for your amazing generosity . . .

Brian, Chloe, Mike, Katty, Jenni, Megan, Cameron, Katie Rose, Sammy, Audrey, John Roland, and Elena all joined with Mona and members of the Brigid staff and Board to make a big difference.

There was lots of laughter and the cold winter night was made a lot warmer! Gooey cupcakes, 3-D marshmallow and pretzel snowflakes, rice and glue sensory snowflakes, and a hot game of

pin-the-carrot-nose-on-the-snowman made for an evening Jordan would love.

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