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Community Toy Store: Making a Generous Difference at Christmas

Jordan always brought fun and laughter to others.

One of our December 2016 Rooted Generosity Opportunities did the same.

We teamed to bring holiday happiness to a lot of families in need throughout Whatcom County. The Community Toy Store invites all people "into the joy and generosity of Christmas." Great, new toys are purchased and donated to a large cooperative store. Then families who might find themselves in need of a little help can shop there - at 80% percent off of regular prices. The proceeds from the store then benefit community service programs like Skookum Kids and Rebound of Whatcom County, These agencies really support others in amazingly generous ways.

Jordan was a frequent volunteer at Rebound of Whatcom County in particular!

So what did Jordan's people do?

We SHOPPED and DONATED so others could shop!

Thanks for being such a big part of the FUN, Baylie and Ashley!

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