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Building Totes with Thanks-giving

If food can be a love language, then Jordan Slagle's family and friends, sent Thanksgiving totes filled with love, all across Whatcom County. As we all know, holidays can be challenging times for a variety of reasons. On Sunday, Nov. 21st, 2016, fifty "Rooted Generosity" folks gathered to donate some hope and joy to our community, This loving group was able to fill not two, but four totes, with everything a family would need to have a Thanksgiving feast.

Each tote included a turkey, stuffing mix, fresh sweet and russet potatoes, canned veggies, gravy mix, pumpkins pies, rolls, butter, sparkling apple cider, crackers, and cookies. Totes were distributed through Grace Baptist Fellowship to schools, community organizations, and other families in need. Thank you also to our Fountain Parish friends for your generous donation of food items, beautiful homemade placemats and center pieces.

During our time together we shared dinner and more Jordan stories. These monthly gatherings allow us to remember and continue to love Jordan, by spreading his generosity.

Thank you to all of you.

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