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Many Hands Make a Difference: Jordan's People Beautify Brigid Collins Family Services

Rick Warren - Works at Westside in Lynden

Generosity comes in a myriad of forms. For Rick Watson, of Westside Lumber in Lynden, WA, his generous heart and hands chose to cut hundreds of wood pieces to make "Living Generously" signs for the beautify gardening and cleaning day project on Sept. 17, 2016 at Brigid Collins. We thank you, Rick, for living generously and sharing your time and talents with Jordan Slagle's people. 20 hearts. 40 hands. 3 hours. Multiplying generosity to make an amazing difference. On this morning nothing could impede Jordan's people-not rain, not pain. We power-washed, raked, weeded, planted, crafted, ate, laughed, cried, and loved-living forward in ways that mirror the beautiful heart God gave Jordan. Thanks to all who came-who donated plants, soil, equipment, and time. Families entering Brigid Collins Family Support Services will enter via a more beautiful path. Jordan smiled. Special thanks to Tim Burger of The Green Barn in Lynden for this generous donation of plants.

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