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You Are Jordan's People

Jordan was above all things, generous.

He lived with an open hand – always willing to give, to share, and to help.

Because of this, Jordan’s friends have crafted this beautiful online space – which will be dedicated to the sharing of generosity stories.

It is a place to tell others of generosity you have experienced.

It is a place to reflect on opportunities you have had to live generously.

As Jordan’s Dad, I would like to take this initial opportunity, on behalf of his Mom and our entire family, to start the generosity sharing.

We have experienced YOUR generosity.

In these weeks since Jordan’s passing, our lives have been flooded by love and support from hundreds – all who knew, loved, and experienced Jordan.

The generosity of Jordan’s people has been staggering,

Meals shared, texts, prayers, and conversations.

Laughter, tears, remembering, and struggling to plan forward.

You are Jordan’s people and you are incredible.

Thank each of you for YOUR part in all of this.

Because of your generosity, we have learned even more of the countless ways Jordan cared for and connected people.

Because of your generosity, we know more of his prodigious gifts and his very real progress against struggle.

These facts have given us new perspective and peace, even as we venture through our unfathomable grief.

We thank God for each of you.

But today is Scholarship Day, and today we team with all of you honor just one of so many in the Boundary family who were especially generous in life with Jordan.

Today we lift up one who, at every turn, encouraged, supported, taught, cared for, and inspired Jordan.

Someone who, like Jordan, lives with generosity, grit, and determination.

Someone who, like Jordan, holds to the dream of finishing school.

I can’t wait to share the rest of this generosity story once the name of the first recipient of the Jordan Slagle Boundary Bay Scholarship has been announced.

Until tomorrow,

John Mark

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